what is property survey?

why you need property/ Land Survey? 

  • Not to waste a single piece of Land
  • To Design a vastu Plot
  •  To obtain exact Shape of the property
  •  To Get Land/ Building  correct positions
  • To obtain the dimension in the form of drawings. 


In our daily lives, We go to various places as the school,hospital, bank, market and post office. We ask for directions when we don’t know the way. The example shows that to reach a place, we need directions and guidance. The best way to reach place is to remember landmark. A land mark with the help of which it is easy to locate a place.

In the same way in your site the exact measurement of the building and their location at site, where there is a higher level and where there is a lower level is the site,where to design the path way inside the site and for the development of the property, with Topographical survey,we can get all the details required with exact measurement and exact location in the form of a map or drawings. So that you can see your site for yourself clearly for planning.

A rough drawing of a place is called sketch. It is not made with exact measurements.A drawing of a place, is made with exact measurements.Symbols are signs or letters that represent something.On a sketch or a map, we use symbols in place of actual pictures of landmarks. It is very easy to locate a place with the help of symbols.

Drawing map is a detailed drawing of a large Area. It helps us in locating places of buildings, electric poles,trees, manholes, levels etc in that area. We use scale where the actual distance is represented by a smaller distance.Every Drawing map also has a key which is a list of the symbols used to represent landmarks on a map.Every drawing map has a scale, a symbol, key and


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