What is Total Station?

A Total Station is a necessary tool while taking survey. The incident ray of beams that passes through the prism is used to mark corner or point in a piece of land.

total station tool

Functions of total station:

  1. It simultaneously measures angles & distances and Record
  2. Correcting the measured distance with:
  3. Prism constant
  4. Atmospheric Parameter.
  5. Temperature
  6. Curvature of earth
  7. Refraction correction
  8. Computing the point elevation
  9. Computing the coordinates of every point
  10. Remote elevation measurement
  11. Remote distance measurement
  12. Area calculations
  13. Data Transferring facility from instrument to S/W and S/W to instrument
  14. Format of conversion of units


  • It is not a Rugged instrument (Sensitive).
  • Prism vertical position is questionable.
  • Visibility is must.
  • More Expensive.
  • Requires calibration at every six months.
  • Amount of error is greater at short distances.
  • Height of instrument and prism is to fed.
  • Awareness on battery maintenance.
  • To establish north- compass is required.

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