Road survey and Marking

Roads  will be surveyed before laying ,to maintain unique width and surface level all over the area. Road are laid for various reasons like airplane runways ,connecting cities with national highways etc. while laying foundation the digital map view  obtained from the survey guides the builder to implement equal surface levels at all contact areas of the road. These surveys are being taken for different variety of roads. 

Some roads laid at living area will be structured in a way that the middle of the road to be bulged than at the corners to drain rain water .while laying  national highways ,the road deviates and diverts unusually, the dimension in the map will be marked before developing.



Marking on Roads is The first step involved in implementation of the proposed or designed road in field based on the markings given . there are variety of marking that differs with the purpose of the road . The middle pathway laid parallel in between two ways can be maintained unique all the way. The Marking plays a vital role while planning subways,pathways and service roads in national highways.

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