what is cadastral mapping?

Cadastral mapping is a survey plan that shows the parcel of land in a dimensional relationship with its neighbouring area.Cadastral maps are produced by joining together individual cadastral plans..A Cadastral map is a detailed set of information for collective lands in a particular area which includes the data of dimensions,land transfer and ownership.

FMB map

uses of cadastral mapping

Cadastral map is used an identity of the parcel of land extent with relationship to the roads,trees,drainage,vacant  properties in an area.This kind of map is used from the ancient times before implementing a plan in large piece of land.

cadstral map is a GIS based land information system,hence it is used by normal people for construction purpose because of its accuracy and sophisticated view.some other purpose of cadastral map are listed below.

  • In property registration ,Cadastral plan is a legal document for verification and legalizing purpose.
  • planning public constructions like drainage,laying roads,pathways and planting trees.
  • used in  building constructions for planning  parking,basement and elevations
  •  provides data for land administration for transfer of the land and to recognize ownership,hence it is used  in real estate.
  • Inline projects,canal construction and irrigation purpose.
  • Development projects like town and country planning.
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