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    Land surveys have been used for paradise and are still an important part of modern development projects. Whether you have previously carried out a Land survey or plan to plan your first, there are apparently some questions about the process. The LDR Survey Pvt Ltd land surveyor team in Chennai answered some of their customers’ most frequently asked questions below

What is Land Surveying?
   Land Surveying is the process of mapping a piece of land exactly. Land surveyors use tools, such as global locating systems, to create a two-dimensional map. The study will identify the limits of a parcel, map the land, and identify the locations of natural and human-made sites.
Why is land surveying important?
    Before you purchase a property or start any primary construction, surveys should always be carried out. These are two significant investments requiring overall land knowledge. For example, someone who buys or builds a wall on a property should do a border check so that they know how far their land goes. Blow an investigation may in the future cause legal or personal difficulties, like building a wall on the property of another.
What will a land survey cost?
The cost of a land survey depends on certain different factors:
      Size of the property
      Type of survey performed.
      Project of the survey
      Number and size of enhancement on the property
      Land of the property
If you have a question regarding a particular piece of property, LDR Survey Pvt Ltd is happy to give you a fair, illustrate quote to complete your project.
What are the variant types of payment accepted here?
Payment can be made using all major credit cards, cheque, cash, e-transfer, or direct deposit.
What are the advantages of a land survey?
Land Survey helps us develop for construction in the same way you consult an interior designer and structural engineers on building design. You need to consider a land survey engineer to know the potential of the land. A land surveyor can help you begin work without any issue.

It is not possible to measure the draft of new land without the help of Land Survey as it might leads to unsuitable land measurements. So, a proper land survey is necessary as it clearly states property boundaries which can further help the management teams for relevant construction plan and will save you from property line problem and conflict.

Without a proper land survey, the value of holdings can be over or undervalued so it is essential for a correct land survey. If you want to understand fully your worth and purchase based on location, landscape, and hardscape you will need to consider a proper land surveyor.

It is compulsory to understand the topographical details before purchasing the property. Disclosure of soil and structural issues, determination of flood horizontal area and get the correct representation of plot is required for a surveyor to conduct a land survey. A proper land survey will help you protect from disaster and push back and lay off construction.

To separate business owner from residential and commercial objective landowners may want to make with plot allocation. For proper division of property into a pre-determined section that can be priced and delivered over correctly without any defect, there is a need for a proper land survey.
What Type of Survey do I need?
Although the profession of surveys is classified in different ways for variant local and managerial institutions, the type of survey will be most likely be stated by the entity requiring the survey. Please check out the main survey types on our website or contact us directly for further information.
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