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Land Survey,digital surveys & Land survey training institute

LDR Survey pvt ltd's goal and objective was to deliver low-cost Land survey services with innovative technologies. Every member utilises our land survey services.

LDR is one of the Best Land Survey companies in Chennai. It is the Top Land Survey Consultancy and Educational Trainer. We offer Land Survey Services, Boundary Survey Services, Topographical Survey Services, Interior Survey Services, Layout Survey Services, Building and Industrial Survey Services, Road Marking Survey Services, Combined FMB Sketch Services, Property Survey Services, Levelling Contour Services, and Proposed Building Planner Services. We have been working as land surveyors for 15 years. Ladder Survey Institute of Technology (LSIT) makes it possible for clients to find your drawing through a Google search. We give you a strong digital land survey strategy that makes it easy for clients to get in touch with you.


Why L D R surveys?

When seeing our surveyed drawings, you will feel as if you are on the spot. We focus about the accuracy of field-collected data.1. Site Photo’s 2. Site Location in barcode 3. Google earth top view pics 4. ISO Certified company 5. DGPS Coord 6. File are secure up to 10 years 7. State Government registered engineering service company 8. Road measurement 9. Surrounding details 10. Survey Numbers 11. Building projections limits 12.Vacant Land & Developed area’s percentage 13. Available at 24X7,14. Measurements taken by advanced total stations (Laser).…

Good Training & services

No:1 Land survey services

LDR Survey Pvt Ltd is the best land survey consultancy and training institute around south India.

Virtual survey

Are you feel like

We are not ensuing the traditional way. Our Team pursue Virtual way to achieve our clients need.

Why Do You Do Digital Land Surveys?

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Why do you ?

Are you a property owner?

When purchasing or selling land, digital land surveys are required.what we include in our reports: exact area, current shape, Government drawing matching, road measurement information, and more.

Are you a Land Real estate & Businesses Relating to the Land

Yes, you are familiar with land surveys, but LDR Surveyor completed your task in a manner that inspired your customers' and your own confidence. This site does not need any surveys, since we are currently using new technologies.

  • Boundary surveys
  • Building surveys
  • Govt Land surveys
  • are you a Civil engineer or a construction a building - Designer?

    When a plan on paper has accurate measurements, building shape, and boundary lines, the same is imposed in the field using a total station.

    Are you a building rentals ?

    Before entering into a rental agreement, you will find our reports to be quite informative. Accurate area of carpet, each item is accounted for with photos, depressing and valuating instruments as well.

    LDR Journey

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    Best Quality

    When you want to survey land

    The first site had clean, at least visibly obvious, border corners. Second, get the government drawing by survey number from the field measurement book (fmb). simple to complete land surveys after calling the LDR Survey team.

    100 % Guarantee

    100% Guarantee

    We are growing by word of mouth through our Prestigious Clients. Which assures our quality, Timeline & Accuracy. As we provide solutions for entire land procedures and problems.

    Consulting services

    The Cost of land surveying

    The cost start from Rs 0.5pices onwords. terms and conditions

    The Available Land survey teams

    LDR Survey Pvt Ltd,does all kinds of land surveys in South India.

    • Tamil Nadu
    • Andhra Pradesh
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    Happy Clients

    Road Survey

    Road Survey

    Porur L & T
    Logistic Assembly

    Logistic Assembly

    Temple Survey

    Temple Survey

    Tirupathi & Thirumala
    Road Survey

    Road Survey

    Amaravathi AP
    Topographical Survey

    Topographical Survey

    Factory Marking

    Factory Marking

    Sri City Tada
    Pipeline Markin

    Pipeline Marking

    Near Kadapa
    Topographical Survey

    Topographical Survey

    Chennai Egmore
    Topographical Survey

    Topographical Survey

    Interior Survey

    Interior Survey

    All Over South Zone
    Layout Design & Marking

    LayoutDesign & Marking

    Tamil Nadu
    Topographical Surveys

    Topographical Surveys

    Solar panel Marking

    Solar panel Marking

    Sri City Tada
    Surveys & Marking

    Surveys & Marking

    Building Marking

    Building Marking


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